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Preparatory teaching for comprehensive school

Foreign students are provided with preparatory teaching for basic education. The preparatory teaching is attended by all foreign students.

Usually, a student attends preparatory teaching for one school year and then starts at the school of his or her residential area. Preparatory teaching for basic education is provided annually at various times by different schools.

In the 2014-2015 academic year prepatory teaching will be provided in the following schools:

classes 1-6 Keski-Palokka school
classes 1-6 Pupuhuhta school
classes 7-9 Kuokkala school
classes 7-9 Palokka school
classes 7-9 Viitaniemi school

In Mankola and Vaajakoski schools operates the flexible comprehensive teaching class "JOPO" for 8 th to 9 th graders. The class is primarily intended for students who have moved to Finland during their secondary school education and need support for attending school and language studying. "JOPO" class is tauhgt by a special education teacher.

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